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Places to Stay

The two hotels with blocks booked for FruCon IV are: Colony Hotel 89 Chestnut St.
The Comfort Suites 200 Dundas St. E.

Here is a map, showing the relative locations of the two hotels to each other, the Con and the Fruvous show.


Parking is limited at the Great Hall, and the Opera House. We reccommend you use Toronto's public transit system, the TTC, to get around. The streetcars on Queen Street and Dundas Street run 24hrs a day. Most of that time it's about 10-15 minutes wait for a streetcar. There is a streetcar stop on Queen within sight of both venues, and similarly close to both hotels on Dundas.

Stops you are looking for (ask the drive to call the stop out for you, they'll be happy to do so):
On DUNDAS: Chestnut St - the Colony
Jarvis - The Comfort Suites

On QUEEN: Dovercourt - The Great Hall
Spadina - The Rivoli
Broadview - The Opera House

FARES: Adult fare (for those over 12 years of age) is $2.00. You may need a transfer to change from a Dundas streetcar to a southbound route that will hit Queen Street, or vice versa.

A day pass is $7.00. - available in advance at all subway stations (DUNDAS Dundas & Yonge, ST PATRICK Dundas and Universit,. QUEEN Queen & Yonge, OSGOODE, Queen & University) Saturdays a day pass covers 1 person from 5:30 am to 5:30 on the Sunday. Must be shown every time you get on the TTC system.