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We Want YOU for FrüCon IV!

The Frucon Committee has some slots to fill. (Yes we are uber-people, but even we have limits) :) Now we are not talking about Con VOLUNTEERS here, (although we certainly need those, that will come later). What we are looking for now is a FEW people to actually plan and execute the con.

QUALIFICATIONS   We are looking for people who have:

It would be helpful if you had the resources and free time to either attend a committee meeting in Toronto or some other mutually convenient place.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, please email us at with the subject "New Members". Include your complete name, email address and location, as well as a short critique of one of the Frucons that you've attended, including both good and bad points (we are well aware that they were nowhere near perfect). If you have any special skills that you think might be useful, please let us know, but be aware that all members of the committee contribute to most tasks.

***THE DEADLINE IS SEPT 1 2000 ****

As always, as we plan the con, we will strive to keep the lines of communication between Früheads and committee open at all times. Each and every idea and comment submitted will be duly considered by the whole committee. In fact, some of the suggestions that could not be incorporated into FruCon III are already in serious consideration for the next FruCon. This event is for all of us Fruheads, so your input is essential.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The FrüCon Committee:
Angie Armstrong
Marie-Claude Danis
Gordon Elgart
Fiona Gardiner
Doug Levy
A.J. LoCicero
Katherine Maheux
Heather Rolph
Zard Snodgrass
Michelle Wallis