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FruCon 01/01 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Angie Armstrong, Marie-Claude Danis, Katherine Maheux, Fiona Gardiner

Tentative Schedule

Schedule is tentative and subject to discussion from the rest of the committee. Other activities planned during the Con include: crossword, art table, puzzles, and a map. Videos will be in a separate room - would there be time to squeeze even one workshop (most popular subject seems to be "Frutripping) into the video room?

Questions about tasks

Who is taking care of the laminates and when? Do we still want to do a Q&A? What stage are the videos at? Who is taking care of the raffle? Is anyone available to help Fiona and Maureen with the programs?

There will be a meeting in Toronto with Jian next week. Angie, Kath, MC and Fiona are currently planning to attend. Is anyone else available?