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FruCon 01/05 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Gordon Elgart, Marie-Claude Danis, Fiona Gardiner, Doug Levy, AJ LoCicero, Mary Krause, Katherine Maheux, Maureen Melita, Heather Rolf, Zard Snodgrass

Jude is already working at her new job. She is planning on still helping out at Fruvous HQ. How will this affect the Con? We need to do something special for her at the Con.

Meeting with Jian

Saturday January 8th, originally scheduled for 7:30 pm, but late morning/early afternoon would be better for Heather. Still don't know Jian's schedule.
Things we need to ask:

Con Activities

Puzzles Should we go with just one group picture to cut costs? Decided we prefer the four puzzles, but it will depend on the availability of pictures. If Michelle is having the puzzles done, they need to go in soon. Decided to ask Susan Messer for permission to use some of the photos from the I Will Hold On video shoot.

Sattelite Events
Participation may be low, especially since most events take place before the con itself and won't be advertised in the program. Need more publicity. Doug and Gordon suggested that the treasure hunt could be tied in to the sattelite events to help boost participation. (ie Hockey Hall of Fame brochure) Objections were brought up - we don't want people spending lots of money on hunt, and want underagers to be able to participate.
The format of the Sunday brunch is still being debated.
There is a possibility the Sunday concert will not happen, will people leave earlier? Can we still do the walking tour on Sunday?

Underage activities
Heather suggested there should be a place online, perhaps on FHDC specifically for underagers to plan. Underage activities should be happening on the nights of each of the shows.


Zard asks that everyone who posts information to a.m.m-f also cc: to the committee email loop. The "Big Post" has outdated information, can people email her with the most recent information before it hits the newsgroup?

Budget estimates need to go to Michelle

Treasure hunt, crossword: Jan 30th
Treasure hunt meeting Jan 14th
Laminates: Jan 20th
Brunch: week before the Con at the latest