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FruCon 01/13 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Angie Armstrong, Marie-Claude Danis, Gordon Elgart, Fiona Gardiner, Mary Krause, Doug Levy, AJ LoCicero, Katherine Maheux, Maureen Melita, Zard Snodgrass, Michelle Wallis

Hotel Concerns

Third room in the area we've been given may be available, can we switch the smaller room we've been given with that room? Just beverages at cash bar - no food. Deposit is past due, need to track down Jude. Conference call, Zard, Doug, Fiona & Michelle Saturday - see if there's a way to get Courtyard to stick with its initial offer. Fiona to fax Doug initial proposal.

Overbudget on hotel

Thoughts of booking the third room in the area are out - we can't raise $500 extra.

Progress Reports

Interview for program? don't want to pressure band. Alternate ideas: quotes about fruheads by band. Definitions of "fruhead" by fruheads and band? Origin stories of "Fruvous" Program deadline next friday. Working on sponsors.

Angie will keep the committee up to date on pre-registration numbers. Russell Wolff has volunteered to help setup an online prereg form. The current form will be posted to ammf and FDC.


Layout minimal chairs, tables, can't hang things on walls, videos have their own room
Angie mentions need for con webpage. Fiona volunteers to set one up.
Should we do photos like Rodney set up at Con II? - no, if it happens it happens, but we won't coordinate.
Raffle 5 photos from IWHO video shoot (framed), show tickets, bowling, autographed Eddie & the Cruisers II?
John Schwartz - moderator or guest on Q&A panel
Treasure hunt meeting Jan 14

next meeting - quotes on spending and revenue.