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FruCon 01/25 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Gordon Elgart, Fiona Gardiner, Doug Levy, AJ LoCicero, Katherine Maheux, Maureen Melita, Heather Rolf, Zard Snodgrass, Michelle Wallis


76 people preregistered as of yesterday. Is that a realistic number of people planning to come? Call JAM about ticket sales at Lee's Palace. Can we have a smaller Con? Cancel the second room?
Publicize pre-registration even more.


There are still problems to iron out with the hotel.
Estimates: The laminates will be expensive, but it was decided not to eliminate them. Maureen suggests she should wait till the preregistration deadline before printing, to get a better idea of how many to make. Instead of laminating them, they will be made out of heavy-duty paper.
Fiona is starting to work on programme sponsors.

Con Activities

Emcee There was discussion over whether we only need one emcee. Instead it was decided that diffferent committee members could emcee different events. There will be some form of vote on the committee email list.

Programme Maureen still needs lots of information from various committee members. Zard will write the introduction. Fiona will ask JAM for a bio of Früvous. The video and activities schedules can be done as an insert, but some description should be in the programme beforehand.

Q&A Danny Levin is 95% sure. Doug will ask John Schwartz (Washington Post) to attend, possibly as moderator.

IRC connection Will Jen Perry be typist again and whose computer are we using? Will there be a webcam? Can we scan pictures to the website the day of the Con?

AJ, Maureen, Zard had a volunteer schedule meeting after the main meeting.