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FruCon 02/03 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Angie Armstrong, Marie-Claude Danis, Fiona Gardiner, Doug Levy, A.J. LoCicero, Katherine Maheux, Maureen Melita, Zard Snodgrass, Michelle Wallis


Maureen will make daily posts to a.m.m-f to encourage pre-registration.
Nothing from Früvous regarding raffle items yet
Ask Dave Tobey if we can have a section of the merch table at Lee's to advertise the Con.
Deadline for program content is the friday after the pre-registration deadline.
The walking tour will remain the same as last year.


Zard still working on having the Courtyard fulfil their initial offer. If they don't come down, pre-registration is only at 176, deadline Monday. We need to cut costs. If pre-reg stays low, might drop the small room and split the main room into two parts.

Laminates Waiting for pre-reg deadline before deciding how many to print. The main cost for the laminates is actual lamination. It was decided to skip the expensive cost of lamination, and just have the 'laminates' printed on card stock - durable, and easy for attendees to write their names on. Price - approx 20.00 USD for 400

Supplies After questions about raffle tickets, the Con sign from FrüCon II, and the status of other supplies, Kath and MC volunteered to find out what had happened to the leftover supplies from last year. Last-minute needs will be filled on a shopping trip Thursday before the Con. Looking into buying Sharpies wholesale.

Sponsors True North seems interested. Steve's Music is considering an additional discount on sound equipment. Asked that we put a sign somewhere in the convention room. Any cheques for the Con to be sent c/o the Agency Group, where Fiona will pick them up.

It was decided that since Jude has left, and no one else seems to know much about our float, we can't depend on the Agency Group for the profits from the last two Cons, if we need it. The $500 deposit for the hotel is to be paid back to the Agency Group. It was suggested that any profits from this year go into a Con bank account.


Kath has contacted Bernie Finkelstein, waiting for reply. Jaymz Bee and Kim Hughes were suggested as alternates in case any guests fall through.

Next meeting ASAP after the preregistration deadline