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FruCon 02/08 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Angie Armstrong, Fiona Gardiner, Doug Levy, Maureen Melita, Zard Snodgrass, Michelle Wallis

Zard has talked to our event coordinator, cancelled the extra room and arranged to have one partition pulled across to make 2 rooms. Discovered that the GST on the con can be refunded. Back to only one cash bar, free and a cash coat check.
The room discount for attendees may not be the best deal offered by the hotel.
We will be able to leave treasure hunt information at the check-in desks.

Sound equipment pickup 10 am on Saturday. Still need to figure out how to transport it. Running/setting up equipment may be a group effort. Asking Jason Reiser for help.

Angie hopes to have volunteer info together for the volunteer organizers tomorrow night.

Program Maureen still waiting for most content for the program.
NB: 1 page is around 8 by 5 inches.