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FruCon 02/14 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Marie-Claude Danis, Fiona Gardiner, Doug Levy, Katherine Maheux, Zard Snodgrass


Don Dixon, Danny Levin, Bernie Finkelstein all unavailable. John Schwartz still possible but unlikely. Jaymz Bee is confirmed. Several suggestions were thrown out as possibilities, including Tory Cassis and Murray Foster. Last minute, a member of the committee could join the panel. The talked about Fru-tripping workshop could fill time if necessary.


Sattelite Events Need a new guide for the Hockey Hall of Fame tour. Pub crawl and brunch not yet finalized.
IRC Still need a laptop.
Website last-minute information will be posted to the site and a.m.m-f as needed.

Committee meeting on Friday at the Courtyard for a walkthrough of the convention space