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FruCon 02/28 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Marie-Claude Danis, Gordon Elgart, Fiona Gardiner, Doug Levy, AJ LoCicero, Katherine Maheux, Heather Rolf, Zard Snodgrass


Still waiting on final numbers from Michelle
GST Refund - Zard still hasn't recieved the bill from the Courtyard. Need a tally to show % of Americans at the Con.

A motion was made and passed to open a bank account.

We need to send a thank-you post to ammf, thank-you to the band. (Zard)

We will keep it up year-round, add more opportunities for the community to interact. It was voted not to register a domain name, but the site will be changed from to (Fiona)

Next year

All attending members of the committee expressed an interest in doing it again next year. We will set tasks at a later meeting with the full committee for Con IV has been established.

February 17 2001 seems to be the best date for next year.


Next meeting date will be decided once the bank account has been established.