FruCon 10/27 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: A.J. LoCicero, Zard Snodgrass, Angie Armstrong, Doug Levy, Gordon Elgart, Maureen Melita, Mary Krause, Chrissy Kwiecinski, Marie-Claude Danis, Katherine Maheux, Michelle Wallis

Venue Search


Looking for a venue that will hold around 500+ attendees, for about $2000. The venue should have:


PA System Issues

If there will be another Question and Answer period, will need microphones for the speakers. Other sound equipment also needed. The Hotel provided somewhat so-so equipment last year.

Suggestions Made:


Search Team

Michelle, Fiona, and Doug. All suggestions for venues should go to one of these three.

Convention Activities


Fruvous Videos were very popular last year, and will be shown again. Concerns over the lack of space will be taken into consideration in the venue search.

Suggestions to have different video formats:

Chrissy and AJ will be handling the Video Activities. Chrissy has an extensive video collection, and AJ has A/V expertise.


Satellite Events

Suggestions aimed for evenings, Friday, Sunday, etc.

Suggestions and/or questions for satellite activities should be directed to Gordon


Suggested Activities

Question & Answer Period, Suggested speakers:

FruHead Talent Show


IRC Channel station, Live WebCam broadcast

Photo Swap

Event Planning

Some discussion of actual convention hours, tentatively set at 12 Noonish (tho there were some votes for 1pm as well)


Pre Registration

A Database will be set up to record, track and easily access registration info. Print outs will be used in the check-in process to help speed things up.

Some discussion on working with pre-printed nametags for those who have pre-registered. Most of the pre-reg planning will have to wait until a venue has been selected.


Art Work Coordination

It was agreed that posters, flyers, etc should have a common theme.

The Laminates (con Badges) were very popular last year and will more than likely be used again this year.

Maureen will be in charge of Art Coordination, and Doug will proofread all materials


Convention T-shirts

Brent and Marianne Miller will be contacted again re: the T-shirt design

Discussion of possibility of getting a number of T-shirts printed in Canada to be sold at the Convention

Will also try to incorporate T-shirt ordering information with Pre Registration confirmations

Maureen will be collaborating with Brent and Marianne on design issues.

Fruvous Appearance Issues


Question and Answer Session with the band

Moxy Fruvous Acoustic Set

Raffle with Fruvous (time allotment is a concern)



There are rumours that Fruvous is looking into doing four (4) shows during the convention week, Thursday through Sunday nites. Their plans for Saturday nite will have a direct effect on their presence at the convention.

Fruvous Playing at Con, pros and cons

There was a suggestion of having Moxy Fruvous play at the convention instead of an outside venue. Concerns about moving equipment, monetary concerns, and Fruvous' intentions at the convention have temporarily tabled the discussion.

Zard will be contacting Fruvous Management with the suggestion, and then the committee will plan accordingly.

Task Assignments

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