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FruCon 11/30 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: A.J. LoCicero, Zard Snodgrass, Angie Armstrong, Doug Levy, Gordon Elgart, Maureen Melita, Chrissy Kwiecinski, Marie-Claude Danis, Katherine Maheux, Fiona Gardiner

Convention Site Search Results

After review of Michelle's venue search summary... the Courtyard Marriott seems to have the only feasible offer at this point. The room prices still leave a bit to be desired... but Zard and Doug will now step in to play hardball with hotel management.

The Courtyard is near to Lee's Palace, there are a number of food eateries nearby, and the hotel is offering two free cash bars. The next meeting will be in part to discuss activities during the Con and Satellite events.


General consensus is for pre-registration, to help track the numbers so that we don't exceed our limit... FHDC will be used to help people arrange roommates, focus will be on the Con Hotel for rates deals... but we will make mention of other hotels. Angie will also be looking into requirements for setting up an event account for FruCon here in the states, and we can compare pros and cons, then decide on taking money for pre-reg.

If you have items for the agenda for next weeks meeting (7pm, Tues Dec 7th.), email Angie with them... and an agenda will be posted by 3pm on Tues?