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Other Things to Do

FrüCon Pub Night - Friday, February 16, 2001

This is a chance for migrating Fruheads to gather and connect with each other in a private corner of Dewey's Pub in the Toronto Colony Hotel. For US$5.50, you'll get one glass of Fru-brew beer or another beverage and a selection of appetizers. (The more advance tickets we sell, the better the appetizer selection gets.)

Jian Ghomeshi at The Rivoli - Friday February 16, 2001

For those who are interested, some local Toronto performer contacted us to let us know he's playing at the Rivoli. Drop on by after the pub! Further details are likely up at

FrüCon Breakfast - Sunday, February 18, 2001

The Toronto Colony chefs are once again welcoming Fruheads with a hot breakfast on the Sunday after the 'Con. The tickets cover a full hot and cold breakfast buffet and omelets made-to-order by the Colony's own Johnny Saucep'n. While the special section of the Chestnut Tree restaurant will be available to us from 9am - 11 am, the tickets are good anytime between 6:30 and 11 am.

FrüMiles Bowling

For those who collected 30 FrüMiles and intend to go bowling with Früvous, bowling will take place in Toronto during the weekend of FrüCon. While the Committee is NOT organizing the bowling (repeat, NOT. N-O-T. NO.) Früvous has asked us to help them compile the list of FrüMiles holders who intend to participate, so we have set up an e-mail address: For now, just name, e-mail address and "Yes I have 30 FrüMiles stamps" will do.