Taken from *your* questions and feedback.

Will the show be 19+?

We understand the concern and we sympathize, in fact a few members of the current committee were under 19 when they attended their first Con, or two. In the past the committee has brought up the age restriction question with Früvous, and it has been a factor in their decision. Unfortunately, Früvous has never been able to find a club that suits their needs and is also underage-friendly in Toronto.
The FrüCon committee has little to no control over the shows at all. The venue, number of shows, when tickets go on sale, setlists and everything else are decided by Früvous, their management and/or the management of the venue. If you want to bring your concerns to Früvous, you can call their management at (416)368-5599 or email them at moxy@passport.ca. We do hope that no matter where any Früvous shows might be scheduled for FrüCon IV, fans of all ages come to participate in the Con itself.

What is there for underagers to do in the evening?

Because of liability issues (remember when we say "underagers" we're talking about *everyone* under 19 and that includes a lot of little kids) we have never done an *organized* underager activity. Sometimes a few of the younger bunch who know Toronto post to ammf saying "i'm gonna do this, meet me here if you feel like joining me" which is a good plan. For FruCon III Heather Rolf compiled a list of activities in downtown Toronto which were available for anyone of any age. This is what it looked like:

Casa Loma
1 Austin Terrace
(416) 923-1171
Explore a real castle with secret passages, decorated suites, an 800ft.tunnel, stables and spiraling staircases leading up to the towers.
CN Tower
301 Front Street
(416) 360-8500
The world's tallest building has dynamic NEW entertainment. Feel your heart race in a simulated roller coaster ride. Imagine bungee-jumping from the Tower. Play the latest simulated games in the themed arcade. Then, on the observation levels enjoy panoramic views and dare to walk on air on the glass floor.
Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Rd
North York, ON
(416) 696-3127
Over 800 hands-on exhibits on such topics as environment, sport and space. Also, Ontario's only dome-screened theatre.
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
(Bloor St. at Avenue Rd.)
Canada's largest museum has dinosaurs, mummies, armour, a bat cave and neat activities for families and kids.
The Bata Shoe Museum
327 Bloor St. W.
(416) 979-7799
Find the smuggler's shoes, chestnut crushing spiked clogs and space boots in our shoebox! Learn, explore and create.
Movies Paramount Theatre
John and Richmond
(behind City TV/Much Music)
Bowling Thorncliffe Bowlerama
Take Subway to Broadview Station and then 100 bus north to East York Town Centre. Located at the far end of the plaza downstairs. Bowling until around 2 am, with black light.
Skating Harbourfront Centre
(Take subway to Union Station and then streetcar to Queen's Quay) Free outdoor skating. Skate Rental available for approx. $7 Lights and music on until 10:00 p.m.
Nathan Phillips Square
(Queen and Bay) Free outdoor skating. Skate Rental available for approx. $7
Laser Tag Laser Quest
1980 Eglinton East
(416) 285-1333

On top of this, check out NOW magazine Toronto's free weekly entertainment magazine which comes out every Thursday. It's entirely possible that some other band might be playing an all-ages gig in Toronto... or there might be a new play on...or some good comedy. For some reason the Leafs have been in town for every single FruCon, if you're a hockey buff, and there might be a Raptors game on as well. If Fruvous plays more than one show it's entirely possible that not everyone will want to go to all the shows, you might end up with some of your of-age friends along for the ride.

I'd like to see the band do more at the Con.

FrüCon is a by the fans, for the fans event. Last year, members of Früvous were nice enough to participate more than they had at previous Cons. Because we want the band to feel comfortable at what is potentially a fairly scary and odd event for them, we leave their level of participation up to them.

The Con venue and the Con hotel should be the same location.

Would be nice, wouldn't it? We know that walking around Toronto in the middle of February can be a bit of an adventure, but unfortunately we have outgrown a small room at any hotel. The larger hotels in Toronto tend to already be booked, or out of our price range. And since one of the biggest complaints for FrüCon II was the lack of space, we're looking for venues with enough room to breathe. Just look at the short walk as preparation for standing outside the show venue (which no, we can't do anything about either, sorry).

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