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Ticket Information

This year, tickets are available in advance through TicketWeb Admission is US$9 if purchased in advance, plus a TicketWeb service charge of $1 per order plus between $1.25-$2 per ticket for "will call" tickets. (Purchased online and picked up at Frucon) If there are tickets left on the day of the Con, they will be on sale at the door for CAD$20 (around $13 US)."Will call" tickets may be picked up at the Colony Hotel in Toronto on Friday, Feb. 16 or at the door of Frucon, at the Great Hall, on Feb. 17 starting at 11am.

There are four kinds of tickets available. All prices are in US funds.

  1. Frucon only -$9 - admission to the event on Feb. 17 from 12-5pm.
  2. Frucon + pub + breakfast - US$25.75 - admission to the event on Feb. 17 from 12-5pm, admission to the pub event (including one beverage and appetizers) on Friday, Feb. 16 from 5-7 pm, and a complete Sunday breakfast buffet on Feb. 18 from 9-11am.
  3. Frucon + pub - $14.50 - admission to the event on Feb. 17 from 12-5pm and admission to the pub event (including one beverage and appetizers) on Friday, Feb. 16, from 5-7 pm.
  4. Frucon + breakfast - $20.25 - admission to the event on Feb. 17 from 12-5pm and a complete Sunday breakfast buffet on Feb. 18 from 9-11am.

TicketWeb also offers sales via telephone from 8 am-6 pm PST at the following numbers (extra fee of up to $1 per ticket applies):

Chicago - 312-726-4TIX
Colorado - 303-825-4TIX
New Orleans - 504-299-TWEB
New York - 212-269-4TIX
Northern Calif. - 510-601-TWEB
Southern Calif. - 310-641-TWEB


Q. Why are there so many different kinds of tickets?
A. To keep the ticketing service charges as low as possible, the Frucon Committee combined tickets for satellite events (the pub gathering and the Sunday breakfast) into Frucon admission tickets. Separate tickets would each have service charges, and this way avoids that.

Q. Can I have my Frucon tickets mailed to me in advance?
A. Yes, but there is an additional charge of up to 50 cents per ticket.

Q. Where do I pick up my tickets if I choose the "Will Call" option?
A. Check with the Front Desk of the Toronto Colony Hotel Friday, Feb. 16, for specifics, but the Frucon Committee expects to be able to distribute tickets and vouchers for the pub event and breakfast that afternoon (or at the pub event itself.) Otherwise, just come to the Great Hall anytime after 11am to pick up your tickets at the door. TicketWeb's rules require that we ask you to present the credit card on which your tickets were charged.

Q. I don't have a credit card. How can I buy tickets?
A. You have several options. The easiest would be to ask a friend or family member if they will charge tickets for you on their card. Alternately, Americans may be able to use an ATM card if it has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it. Also, check the TicketWeb web site to see if there is a TicketWeb outlet near you where you can purchase tickets in person using cash (extra fee applies.)

Q. Must I buy tickets in advance?
A. It depends. The Great Hall has a limited capacity (based on safety regulations and plain practicality) and tickets will only be available at the door if they have not sold out in advance. You'll also save money: Tickets purchased in advance are US$9, while they will be CDN$20 (about US$13) at the door.

Q. What if my plans change? Can I get a refund?
A. No. In order to reserve a place to hold Frucon and the satellite events, the Frucon Committee has to guarantee minimum payments based on the number of attendees. Just as if you are going to a concert or any other ticketed event, we cannot plan Frucon without accurate numbers of attendees.

Q. What happens if Frucon is cancelled?
A. While we don't expect this to happen, TicketWeb will automatically issue refunds to the credit card on which you charged your tickets if Frucon is cancelled for any reason.