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Hello all!

The FruCon committee would like to extend their thanks to everyone who volunteered. The schedule has been emailed to all volunteers, but in case you missed it, here it is again:

9:00-10:00 - Setup
Committee members, plus any volunteers who feel like helping out.

Door: Katherine Maheux, Marie-Claude Danis, Shenandoah Putney
Sound pickup and setup: Chad Mahoney, Ofer Inbar, Committee members to be named later Videos: Gautam Peri, AJ LoCicero (get us started)
Raffle table: Julie Horncastle, Paul Mischler
Arts and Crafts: Robin & Kelsey Engle
Roamer: Fred Goldberg and Carolyn Wember

Door: Mike Yoshioka, Fiona Gardiner, Megan Shaver
Videos: Todd Evans
Raffle: Lori Martin, Donna Hunt
Arts and Crafts: Tricia & Mark Jemison
Roaming: Tim Engle, Renita Long

Door: Bill Breen, Sigrid Bernhoerster, Sarah LoPresti
Food: Patrick Murray, Becca Poccia, Ellen Buckley, Joseph Camann
Raffle: Michelle Wallis, Jessica VanOrder
Arts and Crafts: Pat Taddei
Videos: Ted Panczyszyn
Roamers: Drea Eves, Jillian Warring

Door: Heather Rolph, Melissa Schick, Doug Levy
Pop: Fred Goldberg and Carolyn Wember
Raffle: Diana Hellman, AJ LoCicero
Videos: Patrick McCann
Arts and Crafts: Gautam Peri
Roamers: Megan Shaver, Paul Mischler

Door: Ellen Buckley, Todd Evans, Kyla Jemison
Pop: Renita Long, Patrick Murray
Raffle: Bill Breen, Jillian Warring
Arts and Crafts: Jessica VanOrder
Videos: Diana Hellman
Roamers: Pat Taddei, Mike Yoshioka

Raffle: Katherine Maheux, Donna Hunt
Pop: Drea Eves
Arts and Crafts: Julie Horncastle
Roamers: Ted Panczyszyn, Sarah LoPresti

4:00-5:00 Arts and Crafts: Kyla Jemison
Pop: Tim and Kelsey Engle
Roamers: Melissa Schick, Shenandoah Putney

5:00-... Everyone is asked to help clean up