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FrüCon F.A.Q.

Why do I have to pay for FrüCon? It's not a concert.
Arranging a place to hold Frucon is the biggest expense, and without an admission fee, there couldn't be a Frucon. But because the event is arranged by volunteers and is not-for-profit, prices are as low as they possibly can be.

Will the show be 19+?
No. You have no excuses this year. You can come to the show, so what's to stop you coming to the Con?

I'd like to see the band do more at the Con.
FrüCon is a by the fans, for the fans event. Last year, members of Früvous were nice enough to participate more than they had at previous Cons. Because we want the band to feel comfortable at what is potentially a fairly scary and odd event for them, we leave their level of participation up to them.

The Con venue and the Con hotel should be the same location.
Would be nice, wouldn't it? We know that wandering around Toronto in the middle of February can be a bit of an adventure, but unfortunately we have outgrown a small room at any hotel. The larger hotels in Toronto tend to already be booked, or out of our price range. And since one of the biggest complaints for FrüCon II was the lack of space, we're looking for venues with enough room to breathe. Just look at the short walk as preparation for standing outside the show venue (which no, we can't do anything about either, sorry).