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FrüCon News

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First and foremost, as you all probably know, Moxy Fruvous will be playing a show in Toronto on the weekend of FruCon! At the moment, that's all we know about it. Inquiries regarding the show should go to instead of the Committee. Watch this site, FDC and FHDC for more details.

FruMiles Bowling

Also, for those who collected 30 FruMiles and intend to go bowling with Fruvous, bowling will take place in Toronto during the weekend of FruCon. While the Committee is NOT organizing the bowling (repeat, NOT. N-O-T. NO.) Fruvous has asked us to help them compile the list of FruMiles holders who intend to participate, so we have set up an e-mail address: For now, just name, e-mail address and "Yes I have 30 FruMiles stamps" will do.

Frucon Hotel

There is an official FruCon Hotel - for the second year in a row, the Toronto Colony Hotel is giving FruCon attendees a deal on rooms that weekend. "Sattellite" activities will be based out of the Colony like the "pub non-crawl", skating, etc. It will be the main meeting point for all things Fruvous for the weekend. Details on how to book your room are coming soon.

Frucon IV Committee!

This year's committee members are:
Angie Armstrong
Sigrid Bernhoerster
Ellen Buckley
Marie-Claude Danis
Gordon Elgart
Fiona Gardiner
Rob Johnson
Doug Levy
A.J. LoCicero
Katherine Maheux
Heather Rolf
Michelle Wallis
Contact the committee at
Please put "ConIV Suggestions" in your subject line to help the committee sort out their email. Your question may have been answered in the FAQ.

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